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People who are serious about results come to us because they want exciting, effective, and safe workouts. Markoski Fitness knows that in order to be successful, a client needs to eat the right foods and stay on track. These keys to success are what separate us from the competitors; we always go that extra mile to get you ahead. 

About Rick

Rick Markoski, Your Personal Trainer

Rick's background brings six years of college education to the table. During his undergraduate studies at West Virginia university, he developed his love for fitness. After completing his bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, he studied a Masters degree in Athletic Coaching. Rick has now moved to Columbus Ohio to provide the best personal training services offered in the area.

About Kristen

Kristen - Markoski Fitness

Kristen, a former group fitness instructor, took her love for exercise to the next level by starting a business with Rick. Her mission is to provide personalized instruction to clients seeking weight loss, muscle gain, and an overall sense of well being. She is certified through the American Council on Exercise, and holds a Bachelor's of Science from Marshall University. She wants people to experience the same confidence that she gained from working out, so they can live life to its full potential.

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